There are only ever 100 of these artworks ever printed, and we use fine art giclée paper of museum-grade standard - read more about our process. Each piece has a meaning behind it, and you can learn about our artists and their stories too.

We’ve compiled some more information to help you decide if an Easely print is for you.


What is a print?

A print is a reproduction of an original artwork. An artist will professionally scan or photograph an artwork and reproduce copies onto fine art paper stock or canvas. This is often done to help an artist make their artwork more available, rather than just selling the original piece. Art prints are also more affordable than the original, and can come in a range of sizes.

Here is a comparison of our original artworks versus our prints, that we filmed for Instagram.

What sizes are available?

Here at Easely we sell A3 and A2 sized prints. These are some of the most standard sizes, which means our artworks will be as close to the original canvas or paper it was created on, and it will be easier to find a frame for them.

A3 = 297 x 420 mm

A2 = 420 x 594mm

So pretty much, A2 is double the size of A3. You can view our sizing chart here to get an idea of the scale.

How do I frame my artwork?

  • Size of the frame: When choosing the size of your frame, go for one the exact size of your artwork, or a size up if you want white matte board around the edges. For example, if you have an A2-sized print, it will fill to the edges of an A2 frame, but if you choose an A1 frame (size up) you can frame it with white mat board - which will usually come with the frame.

  • Colour and style of the frame: Choose a simple frame when your art has bold shapes, lines and colours, and a darker or more characteristic frame for formal or detailed pieces. Pick a frame that’s not too similar to your wall colour or the background colour / mat board. One that adds just the right spark of contrast.

  • Buying a frame: No one will do a better job of picking the perfect frame to match your artwork than your local framing shop. Our prints are museum-grade, so a frame of equal quality is ideal. But this can be expensive, so some cheaper options are:

  • Kmart

  • Ikea (their frames are slightly off-size so you’ll need to trim your print by 2cm)

  • Ebay

  • Even try Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or op shops for a bargain!

    Are art prints valuable?

    If you are interested in art collecting, you may be interested to know the potential value of your print. Buying prints is a great way to kick off your collection at an affordable price point, by purchasing pieces from artists, who as their brand name increases, so does the value of their artwork. If a print is signed or part of a limited edition it is also considered more valuable. That's why we stamp and number all Easely prints, and include a certificate of authenticity - so you can prove it's value. We also only sell limited edition sets of 100 prints.

    To learn more, check out this article on Medium titled 'Limited Edition Prints: Are They Worth Anything?'