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We have a proposal for you. We’d love to showcase your art, so it can be seen and appreciated by the world. What’s more is we do all the heavy lifting.

Easely gives art-makers the opportunity to earn money from selling their pieces that would otherwise lie around. You provide us with a high-res file of your art, we create 100 limited edition prints from it, and you earn 20% commission. 

How we work


Send us your details below

We'll get back to you with more information. Once we've seen your art and you've signed our agreement, we then work with you to get it listed in our website.


We market and sell your art

Your art will be available as a set of 100 limited edition prints on Easely. We organise everything from marketing, to packaging and posting.


You get paid

At the end of each month we pay you your 20% commission from your print's sales.

Fill in the basics and we'll get in touch:

Artwork criteria

Easely is a curated marketplace. We select work we know will be loved on the walls of our customer’s homes.

We look for the following things in each piece:

It's got a story

It’s important to communicate any themes or ideas present when creating the artwork

Our customers love talking about their art, so help them out.

It's different

There’s a lot of art out there, so we want to exhibit pieces that are unique.

What’s the one thing about your art that sets it apart?

It's homely

Our customers enjoy having their art on display in their homes, so we need our art to fit in an interior setting.

Nothing too personal.